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Linda’s life has always been one of feeling and reading people’s energy.  She is a certified massage therapist, a Reiki Master and also has a B.S. in psychology.   She does cranial-sacral therapy, personal life coaching and has been a practicing hypnotherapist for the last four years.  She is an intuitive, uses the Tarot and conducts past life regressions.

Ruby is an intuitive, empathic reader.  She has 30-plus years of training and experience in a variety of psychic/oracular techniques as well as humanistic, spiritual and traditional counseling.  First and foremost, she respects the human need for connectedness, understanding and perspective.

Jala is a Tarot reader of 39 years experience.  She is comfortable dealing with all types of life issues from health and finances, to anxiety, spirituality, romance and pet problems.  She is a Universal Life Church minister and draws on her many talents and years of experience to give insightful readings.


Debbie is a second generation intuitive.  She has been reading professionally for 16 years and has been developing her metaphysical talents and abilities since childhood.  She is clairaudient, an empathic Tarot reader and a talented dowser.  She does extensive energy clearing on people, properties and projects of all types.  She holds a Masters degree in Education/Counseling and is comfortable addressing a variety of issues such as life purpose, dream interpretation, spiritual development, love, money and health.  She offers life coaching for personal, spiritual and business issues.

Adrienne is clairvoyant and clairsentient.  She has been an intuitive reader for many years and has a devoted following. She offers her clients insight into personality issues, attitudes and patterns of behavior and suggests spiritual/metaphysical principles to help them heal and process.  She is a licensed metaphysical minister and can also read and interpret the aura.

Laurel’s background and education has anchored her with the wisdom and experience to gift you with insightful and heart-opening readings. She is also certified in addiction counseling. Using her intuition and the Osho Zen cards, she is able to assist you to transmute limiting beliefs, thereby awakening your aliveness. She is available upon request.



Wayne is an ANGEL CARD reader. Through these cards over many years he has developed a unique relationship of trust, clarity and connection with the Angelic Realm which allows him to access wisdom and Insight regarding a clients question or concern. When Wayne poses a question for a client to the Angels he immiediatly recieves specific numbers which correspond to specific cards in the Angel deck which he then pulls and interprets for the client. In other words, Wayne simply asks and the Angels provide the cards which most elegantly addresses the clients question or concern.





Kimberly is a gifted Psychic. She is Clairaudient, Clairvoyant, and Clairsentient and a Medical Intutive. Using the Tarot cards, Psychometry and Oracle cards she is able to give you clear readings and insightful spritual answers to questions or concerns you may have.


Cherylynn is a deeply sensitive Empath and finely tuned conduit.   She is intuitive, clairsentient, clairaudient and claircognizant.  She has a depth of understanding and compassion that comes straight from Source.  Connecting with her Angels, Guides and Ascended Masters, she relays information that will help you gain insight into your life.  She utilizes Tarot cards, Pendulum Dowsing and long distance Reiki Healing, to work with Spirit on your behalf.  She has over 25 years of Metaphysical and hands on Healing experience.  Working with Cherylynn will leave you spiritually refreshed and uplifted.  You will gain a new and exciting outlook and understanding of life.