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Astrological Reports are Available at The Heritage Holistic Center


Original Natal Charts

See how the planets were lined up at the time of your birth, and how this affects

your personality, relationships, inner self, mental abilities, emotions and much more.


Past Life Report

Edgar Cayce’s astrological readings have been carefully correlated to give you an intriguing look into the past lifetimes that are impacting your current life.


Karmic Insight

Discover the soul’s intentions and the lessons you are learning in this lifetime.


Child Report

This is a helpful look at issues such as relationships with parents, school environment and friendships. There are supportive suggestions for working with this information.


Compatibility Report 

A chart uses natal charts to create a comparison that takes a look into either a romantic relationship or friendship. This can help shed light on possible issues or strengths.


Love Cards Report

Discover a wealth of insight into any relationship whether it be romantic, friendship or business related. This report gives an in-depth analysis of strengths, weaknesses, possible issues, communication barriers and much more, utilizing a centuries old system of divination based on the original science behind our common playing cards.  


Reports are $25 each or choose two for $35

(Love Cards are not included in the choose two offer)


Personal Forecast

What does the future hold for you? Will the months ahead bring you love, success  and prosperity? We have the scoop for you!

6 Month Report - $25      12 Month Report - $35


Treasure Maps

These beautifully colored maps will help you choose the best locations for:

-Love and Romance – Vocation and Career – Friendship and Family – Imagination and Wisdom – Excitement and Instability -  

Choose from either a US Map or World Map

Each map is only $10